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Danielle & Liam | Wedding Film | Westhill Holiday Inn | Aberdeenshire | Scotland

"The first time I saw you, my heart whispered, 'that's the one'."

Liam knew when he first met Danielle that he had found something very special. Danielle is just one of those people who instantly lights up any room she enters and on their wedding day this was especially true!

To say we got a good day for weather would be an understatement, we clocked a whopping 27 degrees at one point. Apparently we only get a couple of days like that a year in sunny Aberdeenshire!

It was great to work alongside Dani Rose Photography for the first time working within the grounds of Denman Gardens. We had such a laugh with these guys, sometimes it doesn't really feel like a job to film :)

Danielle & Liam, look out for your full film coming to you soon, but for the meantime.... here is your wedding highlights

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