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Wedding Live Streaming

First, we want to say a big congratulations to you on your upcoming wedding and thank you for your enquiry. We recognise that live streaming was not, perhaps, even a consideration during the early preparations for your wedding day. However, with restrictions on the number of people allowed at weddings set to continue for the foreseeable future, we commend you for exploring options that will allow your friends and family to still be a part of your big day.


We hope you find this information helpful in deciding which of our packages best suits your needs. However, if there is anything additional you require or would like modified, please do let us know. Our aim is to apply our experience and expertise in live streaming to allow you to share your wedding ceremony with confidence, so that those you love can share in the joy of your wedding ceremony, even if they can’t be physically present.


Oranges - £650

- Filming your ceremony and sharing it with your friends and family as it happens.

- Multi camera set up as discreetly and unobtrusively positioned as possible

- Professional wireless sound recording to provide clear audio

- Live stream hosted on your choice of platform

- Inclusion of text based lyrics for music played during the ceremony

- Private link provided so that you can choose who gets to share in your special moments

- Full ceremony saved on your choice of platform to watch back and relive again and again

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Pears - £850

All elements of Oranges package with the addition of:

- Inclusion of video content, provided by the couple, during the ceremony   (Lyric videos, readings, prayers, etc)

- Up to 5 guest messages, filmed and provided by the couple, to be included at the end of your ceremony.

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02 RJ Ceremony.mp4_20190531_113603.752.j
02 LD Ceremony.mp4_20190531_113127.560.j

Apples - £1250

All elements of Oranges package with the addition of:

- Filming and Inclusion of pre-recorded video content during the ceremony (Lyric videos, readings, prayers,)

- Filming and Inclusion of up to 4 pre-recorded speeches to be played directly after the ceremony.

- Guest messages, filmed and provided by the couple, to be included at the end of your ceremony.



Q - Will my wedding feel like a film studio?

A - Our aim is to always be as discreet as possible. Depending on the location of your wedding will determine just how far away we can go. We want you to be relaxed on your day but we also want to capture your wedding in the best possible quality. We always endeavour to position cameras as far away as possible.

Q - There is no Wifi at my venue, can I still live stream?

A -  We have 4G mobile technology that allows us to stream from even very remote locations. This can be tested in advance and we can give you an answer very easily. In 99% of cases this is not an issue. 

Q- I don’t want people I don’t know watching my wedding, can I restrict who sees the live link?

A - Our recommended live streaming provider is YouTube. We are happy to setup a personal link for your live stream. Only those with that link can then watch the live stream. Your live stream will not be searchable on Google or Facebook. Only those invited or sent the link will be able to watch.


Q- Do I get a copy of my wedding ceremony to watch after the wedding?

A - After the live stream has ended, the video will remain online and you will be able to replay the whole thing whenever you wish.

Q - Some live stream I’ve watched have been very difficult to hear, how do you get the best sound during a ceremony?

A - The key to good sound is how close you place your microphones. We use wireless technology to make sure we have a high quality microphone attached to the lapel of your celebrant or minister. We also attach one to the lapel of the Groom to ensure those all important vows are not missed either :) 


Q- We can’t having singing at our wedding but still want to include music in our ceremony, will there be any issues with copyright?

A - There isn't a simple answer to this question. The vast majority of music will not be blocked online and therefore will not present an issue. We would always advise letting us know what music you intend to use during the service so we can check in advance.

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